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Skiing In Chile – Sleeping On The Slopes

World class Ski slopes nestled amongst the mighty Andes or carving their way down the side of a real life Volcano. Whether you’re a Chile Ski novice hoping to learn or an ‘gnarly’ expert looking to tag alongside one of the resident World Cup teams, head for the mountains in your Condor Camper where pure white paradise awaits………Skiing in Chile runs from mid- June to October. See you on the slopes!

Picking up your Condor Camper in Santiago means you’ll be ready to hit FOUR magnificent Santiago Ski Resorts in under TWO hours!


Skiier in Portillo - Santiago Ski ResortChile’s oldest, secluded Santiago Ski resort, Ski Portillo is arguably the most internationally renowned of all Chile Ski centres. Frequented by world-class record breaking athletes in training, Portillo has slopes for every level. Set within heart stopping mountain peaks, if the Skiing doesn’t take your breath away, the bespoke designed Ski lifts and scenery will.

Distance from Condor Campers Santiago Ski Depot: 2 hours (160 km)

Resort Type: Fancy, Traditional

Average Chile Snowfall: 7.5 metres (291 inches)

Runs: 35 runs (14 lifts), groomed runs and off-piste, 1,235 Ski-able acres

Daily Lift Pass: $32,000 to $44,000 CLP

Ski Type: Downhill, Heli-Skiing, Snowboarding

Chile Ski Terrain: Beginner – 15%, Intermediate – 30%, Advanced/Expert – 30%/25%

Après Ski: Lots going on at the resorts main hotel and outside bar/Café ‘Tio Bobs’. Live music, popular wine and culinary festival in August.

Facilities: Equipment rental/repair shop, Ski school, Café, Restaurant, Bar, Medical centre.

Condor Tips: Stock up on supplies of food/drink in Santiago as basics can be expensive. Plenty of space for your Condor Camper in designated car parks or a little further down the mountain pass in the approaching villages. Snow chains mandatory.

Tres Valles

Valle Nevado, El Colorado and La Parva Ski resorts all link together as the ‘Three Valleys’, the largest Ski terrain in South America. It’s possible to enjoy each center individually or, if you’re feeling generous, buy a pass to Ski amongst all three!

Valle Nevado

Skier in Valle Nevado - Chile Ski ResortEver wondered what it feels like to fly? Soaring effortlessly amongst 6,000 metre high peaks, stunningly clear 360° degree vistas of the Andes, the sun reflecting off your Skis, the wind picking up beneath your wings, the rush of adrenaline as your pace quickens? This is the closest you’ll ever get to being a real Andean Condor, if you look up your almost guaranteed to see one of our majestic birds. Valle Nevado enjoys almost 80% clear sunny days and good, exceptionally good, waist deep dry powder! It’s Chile’s most modern, consistent, upbeat resort – you’d be a fool to miss this one!

Distance from Condor Campers Santiago Ski Depot: 90 minutes (60 km)

Resort Type: Casual, Fun, Chilled, Relaxed

Average Chile Snowfall: 10 metres (394 inches)

Runs: 39 runs 14 (lifts), groomed runs and a lifetimes worth of truly excellent off-piste, 2,200 Ski-able acres with an additional 20,000 acres if you opt for Heli-Ski.

Daily Lift Pass: $38,000 to $48,000 CLP

Ski Type: Downhill, Snow-Cat Skiing, Off the hook Heli-Skiing and the best snowboarding in Chile – A free riders dream!

Chile Ski Terrain: Beginner – 10%, Intermediate – 36%, Advanced/Expert – 33%/21%

Après Ski: Excellent options available and lots going on all season, wine and food week, live music, popular après Ski resort- sit back and enjoy the epic sunsets.

Facilities: Equipment rental/repair shop, Ski shops, Multilingual Ski schools, Snowmobile hire, Restaurants, Bars, Cocktail bars (bring your own wine/liquor and pay a corkage fee), BBQ areas.

El Colorado

El Colarado Ski Resort - Santiago Ski ResortLooking far out over the Santiago basin, La Parva to its west, Valle Nevado sitting east, what El Colorado lacks in spectacular scenery and International appeal it makes up for in its authentic Chilean traditions. The mountains cone-shaped peak offers wide open areas that fan out from the top like a Condor spreading its wings. This Santiago Ski centers antiquated lifts might leave your quads burning but you won’t burn through your pesos here quite as quick as its swanky neighbours.

Distance from Condor Campers Santiago Ski Depot: 60 minutes (35 km)

Resort Type: Traditional family friendly Chilean

Average Chile Snowfall: 5 metres (197 inches)

Runs: 101 runs 18 (lifts), 2,718 Ski-able acres

Daily Lift Pass: $28,000 to $37,000 CLP

Ski Type: Downhill, Snowboarding

Chile Ski Terrain: Beginner – 51%, Intermediate – 28%, Advanced/Expert – 8%/13%

Après Ski: Farellones (5km) from resort offers good après Ski. Live music, bars and traditional Chilean family restaurants.

Facilities: Equipment rental/repair shop, Ski shop, Spanish only Ski schools, 5 restaurants, a few bars

La Parva

Family skiing in La Parva - Santiago Ski ResortIf basking in the winter sun, sipping Pisco sours and eating in a top notch restaurant alongside the Chile Ski elite is your thing, La Parva’s for you. Small and scenic yet still totally worthy of its  Santiago Ski bragging rights, there’s a reason the best pros on the planet head on up here. When the snows good and the winds low the brilliant off-piste areas are a bouncing white cloud of heaven!

Distance from Condor Campers Santiago Ski Depot: 80 minutes (50 km)

Resort Type: Wealthy, Family friendly

Average Chile Snowfall: 7 metres (275 inches)

Runs: 20 runs 15 (lifts), 988 Ski-able acres

Daily Lift Pass: $34,000 to $47,500 CLP

Ski Type: Downhill, Snowboarding, Heli-Ski

Chile Ski Terrain: Beginner – 15%, Intermediate – 45%, Advanced/Expert – 30%/10%

Après Ski: Some at the base of resort but most families eat in their private apartments. Head to Farellones (4.5km) for more action.

Facilities: Equipment rental/repair shop, Ski shop, Spanish speaking Ski school, 5 restaurants, a few bars.

Condor Tips for Tres Valle Resorts: Stock up on cheaper supplies of food /wine/beer in Santiago. Lots of space for your Condor Camper in the designated car parks in the actual resorts. Best camping/overnight parking available in Farellones. The road to all resorts operates on a one-way system during Ski season, with cars going up to the resort from 8 am to 2 pm, and down from 2 pm to 8 pm so set off early! Snow chains mandatory. Avoid paying for tickets in Santiago in advance as off peak the best deals will be found at the lift pass office. Look out for entel (Chilean mobile network) and student lift pass deals. Ski cheaper mid- week and avoid July (School holidays). Pay by mastercard and enjoy 10% off daily lift passes in Valle Nevado.

Its also definitely worth venturing even further south…..

Nevados De Chillan

Nevados De Chillan Ski lift - Chile Ski ResortSnuggled back into the wilderness of Chiles stunning Lake District area, clinging precariously on the side of an active volcano, three other volcanoes looming high over its runs, this ‘mecca of Ski’ powder utopia is literally……..smokin!

If you’re craving meandering runs and miles of off-piste trails through isolated snowy forests, free from the crowds of the Santiago Ski resorts, Chillan is right up your piste. It’s a snowy wonderland that even Alice would envy, and what better way to top off a gruelling day on the slopes? Hot springs galore….Oooooo toasty!

Distance from Condor Campers Santiago Ski Depot: 5 hours (500 km)

Resort Type: Casual, Chilled, Fun

Average Chile Snowfall: 10 metres (400 inches)

Runs: 30 runs 12 (lifts), 24,000 Ski-able acres!

Daily Lift Pass: $38,000 to $48,000 CLP

Ski Type: Downhill, Nordic, Snowboarding, Heli-Ski, Cat Skiing, Night Skiing, Dog sledding! Woof woof

Chile Ski Terrain: Beginner – 20%, Intermediate – 30%, Advanced/Expert – 30%/20%

Après Ski: Limited in resort (there’s not really a resort). Head downhill to Las Trancas (7km) for some après Ski madness!

Facilities: Equipment rental/repair shop, Ski shop, Ski school, Restaurant, Hotel bar. Hot thermal pools, Spas close by (pay per day). Lots of fun activities in the surrounding area and lots of amenities in Las Trancas.

Condor Tips: Best spots for camping are in Las Trancas, many bars/hotels/cabanas will let you stay in your van for a small fee. Ski mid week, you’ll have the slopes to yourself!

Condor Campers please remember – Your brain is the most important part of your equipment. Chile’s off-piste terrain is exceptionally large and isolated; many of the areas involve riding in non-controlled avalanche terrain with non-existent phone signal. Know your stuff, stay within your limits, carry the right equipment and be wise. Great local guides are readily available and worth every peso.

‘’You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a Ski pass’’ Book your Condor Camper today!

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